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In 1924 the year in which Mario Spertini was born in the sea port town of Santa Margherita Ligure, a name which surely means nothing to latest generation yachtsmen nevertheless many remember him as one extraordinary character that contributed in consolidating the art of boating and yachting in Italy. A fine shipwright, who started to learn the trade in the yards along the Ligurian coast in his teens. Beginning with the renowned Sangermani brand in Rapallo, he linked his name to his own yard which he founded back in 1960, the Cantiere Navale Santamargherita at which he built, thanks also to his ability in bringing in exceptionally

capable collaborators like Aldo Cichero and Paolo Caliari, some of the most iconic yachts ever built in Italy and Europe at the time. His were the first sportfisherman fly-bridge sold in Europe, they were all in wood, just as much as his famous Alalunga which younger readers may remember. In fact Alalunga is a recurring name which was often pronounced from the mid eighties up to the recession at the end of the first decade of the second Millenium. A period

during which, because of an accident Spertini was obliged to stop working and the shipyard was sold and changed hands several times until it closed. Today thanks to Ettore Cicchelero a young yachtsman, flanked by a professional team guided by Aldo Cichero we’re talking about the Cantiere Navale Santamargherita again. The yard has asked Roberto Curtò to draw up the lines of the initial project destined to the luxury yachting scene. Thanks to his futuristic, daring, unusual approach he’s outlined a concept for a Sport Explorer Vessel laden with technical and innovative solutions. It has been devised as a full custom yacht. The Bulldog 88’ stands out for its attractive modern design with loads of cut glass panelling which offers great protection from external elements but allows continuous contact with the immediate surroundings. Looking aft towards the stern there’s a large beach club with full headroom (it can be covered partially)

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